Winter has officially hit the south. What’s up with that? I’ve been trying my best to hibernate but it’s not workingout so well for me. For starters, I adopted a shelter dog. She’s an absolute doll and we love you to bits. But, she likes walks. It’s cold outside. Walking outside makes me cold. I’m not loving this arrangment.

But, she is such a good girl. I’ve been uses the techniques from The Dog Whsiperer, and I now have her walking on a loose leash, at my side after less than a week of working with her. Her name is Daisy and she is a boxer mix. I’m not sure what she is mixed with , but I suspect either pitt bull or American bulldog (please don’t go all crazy-you-have-a-pitt-bull-near-your-babies on me). When she was brought to the shelter her heart worm test came back postive, so she has been fighting that for the past 6 mths or so. Her last test came back negative, so she’s all healthy now, but we still have to keep on top of her medical care.

I didn’t even go to the shelter looking for a dog. I was there to volunteer and there she was and I fell in love. I’m so glad I brought her home. She has been just what I needed.