I’m not a winter weather kinda girl. I have grand delusions of going snow skiing one day, to which my husband laughs. He tells me that I woudl love to go to eth lodge and get all decked out in the outfit, maybe even get skis on my feet, but the minute I stepped outside, I’d be done. And he’s right. I’m much more of a sit by teh fire drinking hot coco kinda girl. I’m just not cut out for the cold.

To start off with I have Reynauld’s. My hands ache with cold. I have a pair of fingerless gloves that I keep in my desk becaise my hands just get so icy cold. Then it just snowballs (lol), once my hands start to hurt with cold, by whole body gets cold and starts to just fold in on itself. Before long I’m one achy shivering mess. I’ve been known to sit outside in the summer just to get warm becasue the inside AC was too cold for me.

The other strike against me is S.A.D. I just don’t want to get out of bed in winter. I usually hav eto force mysle fto do the things I enjoy, like karate. I usually enjoy it once I get there, it’s the getting there that’s the challenge.

That being said, this winter has spoiled me. It’s been so mild, it hasn’t even felt like winter at all. Monday it was 74 degress (F). In January!

By Tuesday we had a cold front come through. The tempurature Tuesday morning was 60, by afternoon it was 40 and dropping. Yesterday we had snow. Ok, it wasn’t really snow. Now even enough to call it snow (but enough to cancel school), (Not really, but they did). Today is only slightly warmer. I hate it. I just want to crawl in bed (and in fact did stay in bed most of yesterday) and stay under my electric blanket and not come out until Spring.

It seems silly to complain about it being cold when it IS January. I mean, it’s winter, it’s supposed to be cold. We all know that. But when you’ve had such warm weather, you get a little spoiled by it.

They are saying that wonter is here to stay and we can expect these temps through Feb. I hope they are wrong, but I’m prepareing myself to just hunker down and deal with it. After all, it’s almost Feb, and Feb is practically March and Mrach is practically Spring in NC.