My oldest son turned 12 on Thursday. We had his party yesterday. We went to a local batting cage and just ran around hitting balls for 3 hours. They had a blast. Then we brought three of the boys back to the house to spend the night. So, my small house had 6 kids, 5 of them boys, 4 of those boys in the 11/12 age group. We had some funk, lol.

Funny thing about boys vs girls. Three extra boys went smoother than 1 extra girl. When my daughter has one friend over, everything is SOOOO dramatic. The world is ending because MoOOOooom called then to dinner. They are just too cool to be under the same roof as a parent. These boys  were great. One comes into the living room and says to me “I hear you’re pretty good at Guitar Hero, wanna play me?” I ended up playing each of them for over an hour.  They loved that I would go in and play video games with them. Or that I made hot dogs, and for breakfast a big stack of waffles. It was like night and day.

Something else about boys that is different from girls is the smell. I know from having a 12 yr old boy that they get that funk, and it really doesn’t matter how much they shower (well it does I guess). My son takes 2 showers a day usually and still has a funk to him, it’s just the age. Now, multiply that by 4. It’s good that the weather has been so nice lately. I’ve already started opening windows to air out the house.