I had a house full of kids waiting to open presents, an impending holiday disaster party to go to, and was on “baby watch”.

Well…..Christmas was pretty good. Everyone was happy. They didn’t get everything they wanted, but they loved everything they got. I was even spoiled a bit. I said over and over NO PRESENTS. My bike was enough Christmas present. Of course, my husband never listens to me. That’s why I normally don’t get anything, even when I ask, lol. This year I ended up with a really nice, big crock pot. Just the right size. I had one that was too small, and one that was way too big (but it wasn’t exactly a crock pot), this one is just perfect. He also got me a Foreman grill which I kinda laughed about, but have used almost non stop. I got some really nice, comfy PJs that I end up not wanting to get out of. My traditional calendar this year was Chinese artwork. It’s beautiful. The best though, was 2 awesome lenses for my camera.

We all ended up going to the Aunt’s party. My MIL was there, and she proceeded to ignore all of us, including the kids. Unfortunately, they are used to her so it didn’t phase them one bit. The 2 younger ones ended up staying the night at the aunt’s house because she had her grandkids from out of state, and they all wanted to spend time together. The Aunt and the MIL live on the same piece of property within sight distance on each other.

Christmas day we planned to go see a movie. My husband had gotten word that his mother would be spending the day a lone and felt bad for her so wanted her to go with us. I told him that was fine, I would stay at home and clean up a bit and told him to have a good time. He tried to talk me into going with, but I saw no point in making myself miserable. It didn’t matter much anyway because when he called, she claimed she had plans (we found out later, she didn’t leave the house). She told her male friend (they don’t seem to be romantic anymore) that she “got” to speak with the kids and how nice it was. Then she said that she also talked to my husband as well. However, when she relayed the story to my husband’s aunt,  when asked if she spoke with my husband, her response was “Of course not, you know he wont speak to me”. Some people thing she is mentally ill, but, this is a pattern of behavior that has gone on for some time. She always eventually gets her desired result. She will play the passive-aggressive role until she has the whole family in a tizzy over her. Oh, she’s also really mad that the kids spent the night with the AUnt. She told my husband aunt that she had better not ever watch the kids again because “They belong with thier grandmother, not you”

“Baby Watch 2006” officially ended on Weds, Dec 27th.  Miss Riley Caelen was born. She is absolutly gorgeous! She has a head full of black hair to make Suri Cruise envious. She looks just like her daddy and is an absolute doll. I am so happy for them.

Life is starting to get back to normal. All the kids will be back in school on Monday.  We are going to start working with the Bo staff in a couple of weeks, and we might even have a new martial artist in the family as my youngest has decided to try  classes again.

2006 was a pretty crappy year….here’s to 2007