Yeah, haven’t been blogging much, I know.

What have I been doing?


The kids are out of school now. Not only does that mean a full house all day everyday, but it also means all Christmas shopping is officially done on my end. I managed to get all of the gifts I have bought wrapped and under the tree. My dear husband is out on the road and has been since Thanksgiving, buying, buying buying….h’es gonna have fun wrapping all of that when he gets home on Saturday.

Last weekend, I did something I had been planning to do for months. I visited a friend of mine in Virginia…and cut off all my hair. I donated it to Locks of Love. I’ve been known for my hair for years. That long, thick red mane. It was down to the middle of my back, and now it’s chin level. I’m not totally loving it. I’ve never really liked short hair, so it’s taking adjustment. I’m feeling a bit selfish because I know that my hair is going to a good cause, and that so many people out there would love to be able to grow their hair like mine, but, the feel good pay off wasn’t enough to part with my hair. I’m not sure I’ll do it again. Of course, now karma will bit me in the ass and I’ll go bald.

In karate news…last week on of the guys in class did a move on me where he gets my wrist in a lock, stands side by side with me and puts his elbow in my throat, then does a backwards break-fall, pulling me down with him in the process. It’s an effective move. He came at me like I was an attacker and he was really trying to fend me off. He also kicked my feet out from under me so I wasn’t able to safely fall. I landed on my head and suffered a Grade 1 concussion. I never lost conscieneness, but I walked around in a fog for 2 days and had to visit my chiropractor to work out my neck and shoulder. Fun stuff. I’m under orders not to fall anymore. Ok, I’ll get right on that!

Also, my Sensei’s baby is due “any day now”. Everything that is scheduled has been “barring baby”. I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to see the little girl.

In family news…my husband’s aunt called today to tell me that they were planning a gathering on Saturday and we were all invited. My MIL has been invited but no one knows if she is going to show up. I really want nothing to do with her. I really want nothing to do with the rest of the family that will be there either with the exception of the aunt that called. I’m thinking that my husband can go and take the kids if he wants, and I’ll stay home and go visit the one aunt later on. My Christmas present to myself. I really really hate the obligation visits. Why do I have to “make nice” with people who can’t be bothered to even give me a call any other time throughout the year.

Sunday we are off to my parents house. The past couple of years, I’ve stood my ground and made then come to me, but this year we will go to them. My dad’s health isn’t all that great, and it’s easier for us to go to him. Since that was always my argument for them coming here, I can return the favor now. I might even get to see my brother, but he’s wayward too so I’m not holding my breath.

So, that’s the holiday spirit around these parts. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I really am looking forward to Christmas and just having a peaceful relaxing time. Like Thanksgiving. No stress, no muss, no fuss. I just have a feeling that’s not going to happen.