Does anyone else watch this show on Bravo?

I love it.

THis season it seems like two fairly evenly matched groups. The Comfort Food Chefs and the Classically Trainied Gormet Chefs. I find how they perform in their challenges indicative of how America in general relates to food.

You have the Comfort Food Chefs who are all about feeling good. They specialize in the foods that make you remember your mama’s meatloaf.  Then there are the Classically Trained Chefs who think people woudln’t recognoze good food if they choked on it.

Last week’s challenges said it all, I think. The Quick Fire Challenge had them making an original ice cream recipe to be served on a local boardwalk. The judges specifically said “something for the common man”. The Gormet Chefs were comeing up with concoctions like avacado and lavendar. While others were putting marshmellows and cookies into thier ice cream. Which would you prefer on a hot summer day? One Chef made Calming Chocolate and Lavendar ice cream. She had one boardwalk patron comment that it wasn’t sweet enough. Her reply to this was “That’s all you need with your 4 teeth and fat ass is more sugar”. The conotation that everyday people can’t have a food opinion that is worth anything. This same woman, during the elimination challenge, oversalted her food and was subsequently sent home.

Speaking of the elimination challenge…they were asked to create a dish that put a grown up twist on a childhood favorite for Applebee’s. the winner would have thier dish featured on the Applebee’s menu. This seemed to be something the Comfort Chefs dove right into while the other complained that they had no idea where to go. The winning dish was roasted tomatoe soup with grilled portabella mushroom and cheese sandwhich. Mmmmm takes me right back home.

It’s said that there are two types of people…those who live to eat, and those that eat to live. How about a happy medium?