We’ll start with my car….I took it in for tires and an inspection. Used tires because it needed tires all around and we just want to get “good enough” so we can trade it in within the next 6 mths or so. So we go to this roadside garage…a place I would NEVER go to, get the tires, they start the inspection, then the guy says my brakes are shot all around. So I need front and rear brakes. So The Husband tells them since they have to go get the parts to go ahead and do an oil change. Well they had to get the oil filter too. Come back with the parts and start on the brakes that’s when we find out it failed inspection. Needs some $70 hose or something. My check engine light had been on and they said that was why.

ok, fine…..fix it, right.

Well, at this point it was going to be another trip to the AutoZone and we had been there ALLL DAY. So The Husband said order the part we’ll be back in the morning. We pay, and leave and the car is running like shit. We grab something to eat, get the kids from school and The Husband goes back to the garage. While there he gets them to go ahead and put that hose on. They said to drive it about 100 miles and then come back for the inspection sticker. So he goes out again. It’s driving WORSE! He goes back, they say that I have “carbon or something” in a spark plug and need those replaced. But, maybe if I drive it will loosen it, or whatever. So, The Husband leaves and goes to AutoZone to get the spark plugs, he’s going to just do the work himself. I mean what harm would it be to just replace the plugs anyway, right. So then Saturday afternoon, after we get back from getting my bike and he is getting ready to start on my car,  he gets a text that his flight leaves SUNDAY afternoon. That pretty much puts a stop to all work on my car cause he has to get his paperwork done and get packed. So, I have the spark plugs in my front seat… the check engine light is back on, I still haven’t passed inspection and the car runs like shit.

So then this morning….6am the alarm went off.

My brain said “It’s Sunday” so I turned the alarm off.

I woke up at 7:38 and realized it was Monday.

School starts for the oldest at 7:40 and the other two at 8.

And the boys needed showers.

Oldest got to school at 8:15 and the other two at 8:30.

They were eating dry cereal and grapes in the car as breakfast.

And I think I’m supposed to be meeting with my daughter’s teacher today sometime around 12:45? But I don’t know

I asked her to have her teacher call this morning to confirm.  So I’m waiting on that.

At some point today I need to also get to the pharmacy to refill a RX that I let get down to the last pill. I am hoping that the Drs Office has already called in the refill. Speaking of, I also have to head to the Drs Office to sign some release forms.I was also hoping to make it back to regular karate class tonight.All I really want to do is go back to bed and call it a day