Wow, coming up with something interesting to say EVERYDAY is hard. Plus just finding the time to compose a post, especially on the weekends. Oy!

So, what was I doing that was sooooo important I couldn’t post? Well, Friday I took my car to get inspected. It failed. I’ve NEVER gad a car fail inspection. I had some hose or something loose or clogged or something, I don’t know. I do know my husband payed $70 to fix it. So I was sent home to drive the car for “about 100 miles” then come back to see if it would pass inspection. Yesterday, my check engine light came back on. Wonder what that will cost me?

Yesterday I got the call that my bike was in. I ordered it about a week ago and it had come in and been put together and was waiting for me. I went in for my fitting. About an hour later I walked out with a bike that rides like a dream. I had planned to go riding today. Instead I woke up with teh world’s worst sinus headache. I feel a cold coming on. Tommorrow I’ll run to my chiropractor for some supplments. I don’t know what’s in those pills but it kicks cold’s ass.