I had a private lesson with Sensei today. We worked more with the nunchuku. Different rolls. One was called the figure 8 and you had to kind of turn your hand upside down and swing the chucks. I couldn’t get it for nothing. So, Sensei stood behind me (close) and took my hand and moved it the way it needed to move (picture a guy helping some poor woman with her golf swing). As if that wasn’t enough….

Next we worked on ground fighting. These are his words….First he mounted me and I had to buck him off (I swear that’s the way he put it). The we switched and I mounted him (oh god!). AT one point we were literally rolling around on the floor, him on top, me on top, him on top again. At one point we looked up and there were people looking in the windows (nothing new they do that all the time). I laughed and said “I canjust imagine what they are thinking”. He said ” yeah, look at him beating up that poor girl, do you think she actually paid for that, haha, but you did”. That sent me into a fit of laughter because it’s really not that insane to pay to be able to roll around on the floor with him. I’m horrible. Really really horrible. Those ghi pants are really thin. And at one point while I was mounting him (I almost feel dirty…geesh) he was telling me to “squeeze with my thighs” and “tuck your feet in really close”, “put all your weight down on me” . In case you are having trouble picturing this..Sensei is laying on eth floor on his back. I am straddling him. My thighs that needed to squeeze tight, we around his waist. I havent been this intimate with someone other than my husband in 12 yrs. I need a cold shower.  And a husband that makes an effort. Did I mention I’m a horrible person?

When I first meet Sensei, he was 19 yrs old. He was cute, but he was a “kid”. As the years have gone by, he has grown into quite a man. Ironically…his birthday is the same as my husband’s with 10 yrs between. One turns 26 and the other turns 36. I’m smack in the middle. I’ve always called him my “pretend boyfriend”. The fantasy is nice. It really makes a gal want to come home and have sex with her husband….only mine isn’t here. This sucks. And, I feel compelled to once again mention what a horrible person I am.