So, Pop Warner football took over my life for a couple of months and made it hard to get to karate class. Becuase of this I got reallybehind on…everything. So, a couple of weeks ago, I contacted my Sensei to arraange some private lessons. We scheduled 4 and yesterday was my 3rd.

The first week we went over all the stances, blocks, strikes, kicks and katas. Wow, was I rusty. I’ve lost all height on my kicks and muddled my katas something fierce.  There are a lot of detail things I need to work on. I mean, I can go through the motions just fine, so now it’s time to fine tune the little things.

The second week, Sensei was in Florida helping with some military training so I worked out with a 19 (?) year old kid who is being trained to teach classes. He’s already taken over the Lil’ Dragons classes and subs when needed. He’s a really good instructor and I enjoyed working with him. He took me through the nunchuku stuff I had missed. I picked up the rolls really fast, I even impressed myself. I was rolling it with my left hand even. Then we went over some sparring. I havent sparred in so long, I was actually avoiding it. He showed e a couple of things that I’m sure to forget, lol. All in all it was a good session though. I finally felt like the pieces of me were falling back into place.

Yesterday, Ben was back and we had a “mock test”. I joked that it was a mock test in the sense that Ben made fun of me the whole time, lol. I screwed up the end of one kata because I was focused on what my hands were supposed to be doing. That fine tuning. He told me I was doing great though. After that, he taught me the nunchuku kata. It still needs a lot of work to get all the moves flowing smoothly, but I was really impressed with how quickly I picked it all up. Even the difficult roll that involves changing grips while rolling. 

Next week we are planning to work on ground fighting. I’ve done it one time and got my ass handed to me. Oy!