I know I’m just wasting energy being annoyed by this, but it is what it is.

I havent spoken to my MIL since May. I’m good with that. She has been very hurtful and rude adn just down right mean in the past and it wall came to a head in May and I finally washed my hands of the whole thing. I stated that as far as I am concerned, the woman does not exsist. If she wants to see the kids, she can go through my husband. She isn’t welcome at my home and I have no intention of going to her’s.

In Sept, she turned her venom on my husband, her son. She was cruel, and he told her that he had no mother, and she had no family. Back in May when the stuff happen with me, she successfully pushed her other son and his family away. Dennie was the only one still speaking to her and she set that bridge ablaze. I always expected that he woudl eventually relent, and that was ok. He’s nothing if not loyal and she is his mother after all.

Now, the annoyance part. She hasn’t had contact with anyone since all this happen. I’ve spoken with my BIL/SIL since they went back to Texas and at one point my SIL even said that email that she sent to MIL had been returned, blocked by recipient. Who blocks their child? That is petty and childish and one of the biggest reasons everyone is washing thier hands of her. Because that is how she operates. I could go into stories, but that’s not what this post is about.

I was checking my husband’s email yesterday. I do that occasionally. Mostly to see if he has checked his messages if I sent him something. I had sent him an email about something we are doing a couple weeks from now and wanted to make sure he had read it. Anyway, I found 2, stupid forwards in his inbox from his mother. You know those annoying chain forward things. She can sent that crap, but she can’t apologize. After everything she has done, she is just going to waltz back in like nothing ever happen. And she will expect us all to just forget about it and sweep it under the rug. Well, my rug is full. IF this was some random person I woudl have cut ties years ago, but because she is “family” I allowed her abuse for years. And that is exactly what her actions amount to, abuse. I would never accept it from someone else, and I wont accept it from her. If she calls I will tell her there is no one here who wants to talk to her. You know the kids dont even want to see her. And it isn’t due to anything I’ve said, it’s all based on what they have seen from her.

So yeah, It’s wasted energy to be annoyed by her emails, but I am. I really need to stop letting her have that much control over me.