It’s taken me a couple of days to be able to write this.

When we first started taking karate so many years ago, we met a boy and his mother. Sam and Donna. Sam was a 9 yr old sweetheart. This boy was so kind and funny and charming and had the biggest heart for someone so young. His mother, Donna was a wonderful woman, wife and mother. You could see the love in her eyes. Donna also had cancer. She had already been battling it for many years when I met her.

As would be expected, she had her ups and downs. She had great days, and she had bad days. She lost her hair, lost weight, lost energy, but she never lost her will to live. For 6 yrs we, the entire dojo, were there for her, and for Sam and his brother and father. We prayed for her health when she had down periods. We celebrated when she passed another milestone. We all loved her deeply.

Last week, Donna went into the hospital. Her lungs were filled with fluid. The Drs treated her and her body released the fluid and she was able to breathe. They told her that her body had been through too much and this was the end. They told her it was a matter of days. This wasn’t the first time she had been told this. Donna was a fighter. She had kids that needed her and she wasn’t going to leave them yet. No matter how many times you go through it. How many times the Drs tell you the end is eminent, you are never prepared when it comes. Donna was surrounded by her family. She refused morphine because she wanted to be coherent for her family. Finally in the last few hours she finally succumbed and took the morphine to make the end as comfortable as possible.

Donna passed away on Monday Oct 2, 2006. She left behind her husband Robert, 17 yr old William, and 15 yr old Sam. The world is a sadder place without Donna in it. She will be forever missed.