Everyone seems to have an opinion about weight. Thier weight, thier friends weight, the weight of family members, YOUR weight.

You’re either too thin and someone needs to shove a cheeseburger down your throat, or you should learn to that the all you can eat buffet isn’t a challenge. You can’t win. There is no happy medium.

The other trend I’ve noticed is, you aren’t allowed to complain about your weight no matter what size you are. The overweight person is supposed to “shut up and do something about it”. The so-called skinny girl should just shut up about her stomach because many people would love to be her size.

This time last year I weight 107 pounds. Even at 5’2″, that is small. I look back at pictures and I look sick. My cheeks are sunk in, you can see my collar bone protruding. I can’t believe I though I looked so good. I quit working at the gym and slowed down a lot. Went from teaching 9 classes a week, plus my 2 karate classes, to just karate, and later added cycling. Consequently, I put on weight. A lot of weight. I now weight 137 pounds.  I put on 30 pounds in a year. My face has rounded, you can no longer see my collar bone, and my boobs look fantastic, but I have also gained a gut and thighs.  I am aware of it. I see it every day.I feel my pants getting snug or in some cases not even fitting anymore. I’ve vowed to loose 20 pounds by Jan 1st. It’s actually an easy goal. Very do-able. But, I’ve found myself falling into two catergories. The skinny girl who got “fat”, and oh how people love to see that (women are catty, very very catty). Or the girl who is still small and needs to just accept that she isn’t 20 anymore and wont ever be a size 4 again, and should just acept that size 8 isn’t fat and get over herself.

I am over myself. I don’t obsess over my weight. I don’t let it run my life, but I know what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not I’m not comfortable with 140; 120, however looks pretty good on me.