Last week was a bit of a recovery week. I did as little as possible. I think we ate out 3 times, which is huge, my kids thought they were in heaven. I didn’t clean, nothing. Now it’s time to get things together. I’ve spent a good portion of this morning cleaningteh house. I have a couple loads of laudry to fold and I need to mop. I’m slowly getting things back on track. The past few mths have been all about getting ready for the MS ride. Now, that’s over and I have to shift gears, so to speak, and get back to “normal” life.

I have signed up to do another ride. This one is in June. It’s the Tour de Cure for Diabetes. My pet cause. Diabetes has run through my family and my husband’s family. I’ve seen the devestating effects first hand, so this is a ride that is close to my heart.