I did 30 miles today, without stopping to rest. I pushed through the fatigue, the rain even, right down to the horrible toe cramps I got right around mile 27. It was a beautiful ride.

I have a 7.5 mile out and back loop from my house, I can just keep circling it, adding up the miles. That way, if anything happens, I am always no more than 3.5 miles from home. Even if I have to ditch the bike and walk home, it’s not far.  I was finishing up my second loop when teh rain started. I decided instead of riding home I would just continue to ride around my block. It’s 1/4 mile around and easy enough to get home if it starts to really pour. But, if gives me valuable rain riding experience.

Riding with wet tires on a wet surface is a different, and more dangerous experience. This was a nice way to experience it in as controlled an enviroment I could get. After the 3rd loop around, the rain stopped, as quickly as it started. So out I went, back on my loops. Everytime I started feeling tired, I just said “Push” and got through it. Circling back on my last loop I got incredible cramps in my toes. Yowsers! That was an interesting pain. Not something I had experienced before.

I’m pretty impressed with my ride today. 30 miles with no rest stops is pretty incredible. The ride this weekend has stops at miles 11, 24, 35, 42, 50, 63 and 70. I’m feeling really good. Really condfident. I’m getting excited.

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