Sometimes I forget how old I am. When you ask my age, it can fluctuate from 30to 33. Born in 1975 makes me 31, which is pretty in the middle so I guess I’m OK.

Anyway, Ernesto dumped rain on us for 3 days, so my riding slacked…alot. I woke up yesterday with a pain shooting through my lower back and hips. I’m pretty used to back pain. I have scoliosis that went undiagnosed until I was 28. I see a chiropractor monthly to re-adjust me. Short of back surgery, that’s the best I can do. I have three kids…unless I’m forced into it, surgery isn’t an option right now.

So, back pain…but it was OK, cause it was raining buckets anyway. Today it was beautiful out. I wanted to ride so back. I ached to ride. Unfortunately, my back ached too. So much that simply walking was difficult. I’m not sure that I would be able to get out of bed had I gotten on the bike. So another day of not riding.

I am supposed to ride 150 miles in a week, less than actually because a week from now I should be done with day one. When I signed up for this, Sept seemed so far away. Now it seems like I woke up and it’s suddenly here. I’m wondering where the time went. Where were my riding days?

I have a chiroprator appt on Weds, then, hopefully, rest until Saturday morning. My back shoudl be adjusted enough to get me through. I hope anyway. I don’t think I can stand being pulled off another ride. I’m not ready to be that old yet.