OK, as promised, my ghost story.

My FIL died 7 1/2 years ago. He was buried the day before my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Unlike my MIL is was a wonderful man. In fact, I think much of my MIL’s issues stem from loosing him. She is probably seriously depressed, but there is only so much you can do for a person when they wont help themselves. But, this story isn’t about her, so we shall move on.

Shortly after my FIL death, my husband had a dream. In the dream his father came to the door and asked him to come for a ride. He had a shiny new sports car, he was healthy and full of life. He kept telling my husband to come with him. My husband said “I can’t, you’re dead” and that was it. The dream was over and he woke up. That was the last dream about him he had.

It was shortly after this that my husband started working on the road. Everytime he would leave town, I would wake up at night with a sense that I was being watched. I could just feel eyes on my back. To the point where I slept on my wrong side just so I could face the door. I always felt like someone was coming up behind me. When my husband was home, the feeling left.

On Saturday morning I was feeling particularly lazy and didn’t want to get out of bed. The way our house is set up, I can lay in my bed, look through my open door through my boys’ room. All the kids were in there playing, I could hear them, but the way I was laying with my knees pulled up and pillows around me I couldn’t see the door.

I got this ‘feeling’ that someone had walked in the door, and I quickly shut my eyes. I thought it was my little one coming to get me out of bed and hoped that if he saw I was still sleeping, he would leave me alone(gawd I’m sooo selfish). I “saw” him (in the sense that I could feel were he was in the room) walk through the door and around my bed and stand beside me. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and knee and it pushed me. I kinda sighed and thought, “well that didn’t work” as I opened my eyes, and…no one was there. Now, this all happen in a matter of seconds. There was no way one of the kids could have done it and left the room in the time it took me to open my eyes.

I said outloud “Ok, I get the hint, I’m getting up now”.

I choose to believe that my FIL is hanging around and looking after us while my husband is away. I’ve told my husband this and he doesn’t understand why he never feels a presence. I told him he had his chance but his logical side shut down any reception to it.

I think my youngest (who wasn’t born when my FIL died) used to talk to his grandpa. He would lay in his crib for up to an hour at a time baby talking. Babbling away and laughing. I would stand outside the door listening, and he would be content to just lay in there. It was sweet. Even up to a year ago he woudl make comments about “daddy’s dad”.

So, that’s the ghost story. Some people have been really freaked out when I tell them. They ask why I don’t move. I don’t think moving would do any good since I believe it to by my FIL that’s visiting us. He would just move with us, lol. Besides that, I’ve never felt threatened by this presence. It always feels watchful, never menacing.

I think I’ll keep him

*bonus points if you know where the title of this post comes from.