Today I strapped on my heart monitor, put on my road Id, my new cycling shoes, my shiny helmet, clipped into my pedals and headed out for a nice leisurely ride. Only thing was it was neither nice nor leisurely.

The wind, oh the wind…she was a beast today. I was in head winds and side winds. Winds that blew me into the center of the road (not good when cars are using that part) At one point a semi drove by and I was certain that the side wind, accompanied by the draft blowing off him was going to push me right under him. Scary.

Dogs. Dogs are a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Tie your dog, get a fence, even an underground one will do, but do SOMETHING to keep your dog in your yard. Loose dogs are a menace, and not just to me. I was chased by 2 dogs today. One came barreling at my right side and chased me for as long as I was in front of his yard. I can deal with that. Then, I’m strolling along and I see a mama boxer crossing  the road with her babies. I though “Great, she’s gonna go all mama dog on me”. I though maybe I could lessen the surprise (I was coming up behind them and she hadn’t seen me yet) by saying “Hey puppies” in a nice calming voice (some cyclist do this and it works). Mama turned, saw me and went nuts. She chased me, right on my heel, for about a half mile. I tried all the little tricks that had worked in the past when being confronted with dogs. I stopped pedaling and just let myself coast (sometimes it’s the leg movement they are chasing). That stopped the barking but she was still right there, and eventually I had to pedal. I tried saying “No” in a firm, stern voice. That dodn’t work. I guess she finally figured out that in chasing me she has left her babies and she turned around to go tend to them. Great, got rid of her, just in time to find a good sized copper head (snake) crossing my path. With a car coming up behind me and a ditch to my right, I had to just go and hope I didn’t hit it. I didn’t, but I’m pretty sure the car behind me did. I didn’t look back to find out.

AT about 6 miles from home I look up to see a dog trotting towards me on the right side of the road. She didn’t see aggressive, or like she wanted to chase me, she was just trotting along and we happen to cross paths. My strategy on this one was to stop several yards in front of her and wait for her to get to me all while talking in a friendly voice. She was a gorgeous, friendly Golden Retriever. She came right up and started licking me. She had collars, but no tags. I tried to get her to follow me home (so I could try to find her owners) but she had places to be and people to lick. I haveto go out in a bit, I might drive by where I was and see if she is still out. She’s just to sweet to be left out wandering.

I finally made it home, and my left shoe wouldn’t unclip. Perfect end to today’s ride.

Other stuff:

Thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed to tell me my MIL sucks. I know, she does. She is a horrible person and everyone in the family knows it, but she is the family martyr and there for untouchable. I’ve stopped talking to her and pretty much cut her out of my life as much as possible. I don’t see her, I don’t talk to her on the phone, email, nothing. If she wants to see the kids, she has to make arrangements with my husband to see them. She is not welcome in my home and I have no intentions of going to hers.

Other, other stuff.

I’m considering starting Jujitsu classes next month. It’s traditionally a man’s martial arts, but I’ve been interested in it for years and a place finally opened up that is offering it. I have to do more research on the Sensei before I do it though. I’ve learned that anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves “Master”, but that doesn’t mean they know their stuff.

Next post will be a la Rockstar Mommy ( I can’t seem to get hyperlinks to work either. I’m hip, I’m with it I tell ya!) and I will discuss the ghost in my house. Until then, go check her out, she does a mean Samuel L. Jackson and she is tired of these Mother*bleep* ghost in her mother*bleep* attic