I’ve been pretty slack, I know. Lots of stuff going on around here though.

On July 20th, I went to pick my husband up from the airport. Not an odd occurance at all. We were down to one vehicle (didn’t need another one) and he flew out to his work sites then flew home every few weeks. It had been 5 weeks since he had been home. On our way home from the airport I was filling him in on all the stuff that had happen while he was away. Then I asked the question…THE question…”Anything interesting happen while you were gone?”

The interesting thing that happen was that afternoon the boss had walked in and told my husband that “It’s just not working out” and handed him a letter of termination. Bastards!

The whole week, right up until the guy walked through the door, they had been talking about all the jobs going on the following week and where they would be sending him, etc. He was never given an explaination, just told things weren’t working out. Yes, I’m still bitter!

For three weeks we surfed Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, Telcomjobs.net, and the like. Finally the calls started flooding in. It always happens that way. We will go a long time with nothing, then suddenly everyone will want him.

We found a company that was a pretty good fit. He left out yesterday.

I’m so glad to get my house back. Him puttering around for three weeks was driving me mad. But, on the other hand, it was so nice to have that extra set of hands around. Someone to drive a kid to practice and go pick him up. Someone to stay with et other two while I ran errands with one. Hell, just someone to back me up when I said “clean your rooms already!” It’s back to teh single life for me. He’ll be out for about 14 days at least, then he might get lucky and have some jobs up here around home. He’s supposed to be home the weekend I do the MS 150 so he can take one of the kids to a game then meet me for day 2. It will be nice to have him there for me.


In other news, I finally got cleats and pedals. I am offically clipping in now. It takes some getting used to and uses a different set of muscles when you are attached to the bike. You also have to remember to upclip at least ONE foot at stop lights/signs so you don’t fall over. Man does that do a number on your pride, lol. (Not that I’ve done that or anything…YET!) My speed hasn’t inproved much. I’m still a C/D rider, but my efficiency and distance is getting better. I can ride 25 miles without a rest stop. Considering most of the rest stops are 10-15 miles apart on this rides, I am doing really good. Also…the MS 150 is flat, and I’m all about the flatness.