Can I tell you how much I absolutly hate nunchuks? I hate them. I hate them a lot. I can’t stand working with them. I always feel like I’m going to knock myself out with them. What kind of weapon is two sticks with a chain in the middle, and you use it by throwing it around your own body? That’s crazy. Give me a bo staff anyday. Wall tall and carry a big stick, and all that. I also love the sia. How can you not llove a weapon with not one, but three pointy parts?

Well, nunchuks are also a very “guy” thing, and since my karate class is dominated by guys, guess what we are starting training on? Yep…nunchuks. Fun, huh? No, not so much. I’ve already bruised up my elbow practising blocks. Sheesh! When we had to roder our chuks I thought I woudl just tough it wout and get teh wooden ones. Well to quote a film, I must be stupid, stupid, stupid. (bonus points to anyone who knows the film). My 11 yr old, the black belt, went with the foam ones. Apparently, mama didn’t raise no fool. (Wow, am I on a roll today or what?). Everytime we hav eto do the motion where we throw one piece over our shoulder and cath it behind with the other hand, you can actually see my cringe. I just know I’m going to hit myself. It doesn’t help that I have shorts arms and most weapons are just too BIG for me. I got the “proper size” sias, and they look like children’s weapons. They are cute, but really, who wants a cute weapon?

I’m all legs here. Long ass legs and short body to go with them. My husband is taller than me by a good 4 inches, but my legs are 2 inches longer than his.

And now that I’ve gone waaaaay off on a tangent, let’s try  to pull this thread back together.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

I hate nunchuks.  If I get out of this session, I want to choose the weapon next time. Preferabbly something that involves hitting yourself in the balls repeatly. Perhaps the Whip Chain. That should be fun to watch the guys do. Hey, payback’s a bitch, right