Wow, so last week I headed up to Richmond to see my dearest friend in the world. I arrived at her house on Sunday afternoon. We talked and laughed and didn’t want to go to bed. On Monday morning we got up and got our combined 6 kids, ages 15, 12, 11, 9, 7, 6 and loaded them into two cars and headed to Springfield, Va to hop on the Metro to DC. My kids had never been on a Metro before and went ape-shit crazy over it. We were appropriately obnoxious until the train filled up a bit, then we backed off.

When we arrived in DC we walked the half mile to the National Zoo because, dammit!! We were going to see us some Pandas. We walked and we saw. We saw a Bobcat. No, not thatkind of bobcat. The kind of bobcat that move Earth. Because, you see, the zoo is under construction. We were luckier than some, we actually did see some animals. We saw a mountain lions, some elk things that weren’t elks but looked like elks (Orecks! only not spelled like the vacuum). We saw a wallaby, which isn’t a kangaroo. We saw an emu, which isn’t an ostrich. We saw a wolf, then some zebras. Then we saw the security officers because we LOST A KID!! We spent a good 30-45mins looking for my friend’s 12 yr old. Good times. He finally wandered up and said “Were’d ya’ll go?” cause you know…we were the ones that were lost.

At that point, we looked at the pandas because dammit we came all the way here we are looking at some damn pandas. Wandered past the giraffes and elephants. Came across some hippos, then decided to leave because it was hot and we were walking downhill. For those keeping score, that would mean walking UPHILL back to the metro. Everyone was hot and tired and irritated and even the kids were so done with the zoo.

So we left there, grabbed something to eat at the California Tortilla place by the Metro entrance then hopped back on the train to go back to the car. This is were my 6 yr old decided he was so cool, he didn’t need to sit. He could stand and hold the pole. Being the good mom I am, I stood by him so I could grab him if needed. I kinda had my hands full at one point so I wrapped my leg around him and pulled him in. I’m talented that way. This of course brought out the “pole dancer” wise cracks from my friends. Ahhh friends…we love ’em. Plus they were pretty funny comments,and you know some skills never loose purpose.

From there we headed to Port Kinsale, Va. I cute little camping resort. My friends parents have a camper and a boat there. They have an awesome pool which we all jumped in at midnight. Then we went to sleep. The next day was the 4th and it was spent at teh pool with the expection of eating the blue crabs brought up for the day. Yum!

By nightfall we were packing up and heading back to Richmond. I spent the next few days just hanging out, completely unstressed, with my friend. Her 15 yr old kept asking “What are we doing today?” to which we replied, “We’re doing it”. He just couldn’t understand how I could come up and do nothing. Kids.

We headed home on Friday so my oldest could go to a birthday party sleepover (I dropped him off before I even went home). My youngest also had a t-ball practice on Saturday. His games started Monday.

The rest of this week has been spent gearing up for school to start. Tomorrow I will have a 4th grader and a 1st grader. My oldest will be headed to traditional calender middle school at the end of August.

Later I’ll tell why I hate nunchucks.