Ok, so Black Belt Mama’s alter ego challenged me to post 20 things I hate. I hate a lot of things, so this could get interesting.

  1. I hate Food Nazi’s. Yeah yeah yeah , we all know that high fat, high sugar, overly processed crap is bad for you. I know that. I get that. But don’t look down your nose at me while I’m drinking a Pepsi when I know that later on you’ll be throwing back a few beers. Barley and Hops don’t make it healthy
  2. I hate bickering kids. Damn, how hard can it be to just NOT FIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN! And don’t come a tattle to me that your brother hit you, when you just poured pancake syrup on his head.
  3. I hate internet trolls. I know I know…cliche, but really…do you not have anything better to do with your time than cause trouble? What do you get out of it?
  4. Closed minded people
  5. People with minds so open thier brains fall out
  6. People who don’t get how I can be Pro-Choice, Pro-Family, Pro-Gun Control, and Pro-Death Penalty. It’s my Utopia, let me live in it.
  7. Liars. I’ll take brutal honesty over a lie anyday
  8. People who blame infidelity on their negligent spouse, thier childhood, thier uncontrolable urges, the other man/woman. No one makes you cheat on your spouse you do that all on your own.
  9. Dead batteries
  10. Catty girls who think it’s fun to make my daughter cry. Sometimes I wish I were 12 again just so I could hit some of these girls.
  11. People who don’t parent their children
  12. High school football players who come into McDonald’s all sweaty and gross and cuss in front of kids.
  13. High school football coaches who don’t do anything about it
  14. Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight
  15. People who say they don’t believe ADHD exsist. It’s not parenting, it’s not diet, it’s a proven nuerological imparement. You don’t have to believe it exsists for it to be real. We aren’t talking about Santa or the Easter Bunny. You don’t have to clap your hands to make it real.
  16. Bitter mother-in-laws
  17. Whiney daughter-in-laws
  18. Homeowners Associations that whine about the cost of keeping up the homeowners association
  19. Improper use of seen/saw. As in “I seen her walking across the parking lot yesterday”. No, you didn’t, you saw her. She has been seen.
  20. They’re, there, and their. “Where are thier gloves? They’re over there.”

I have no idea who I would even tag for this. Maybe Kristine over at Random and Odd or Autumn of Autumnville. And anyone else who has something to get off thier chest.