This is it. The week of my bike ride. I'm trying to hold my shit together, but I'm really kinda freaked out. My friend who's riding with me told me to start cab loading on Weds, 50 grams of carbs an hour from Weds- Friday. Holy crap that's a lot of food. I may not be able to move on Saturday.

Aside from the ride, I'm also nervous about sharing a room with my friend. I know that sounds odd. I'm a weird sleeper though. Just ask my husband. I like to have background noise on. I have a lot of trouble sleeping without the tv on, and most normal people…don't like that so much. I'm worrried that Friday night I wont be able to sleep, then I'll be major bitch Saturday morning. Not a morning person, and not a morning person who hasn't slept well equals bitch. Nervous, anxious bitch. I'm taking plenty of Tylenol Pm with me.


This is my freak out week, just bear with me will ya. I think I'll do karate tonight, then take the rest of the week off. I need to rest my legs, but I also need to clear my head and karate does that for me.