But it usually falls on me to do it due to my husband's schedule. I pride myself on my self-sufficiency. I like to be able to do it by myself. That's why the whole lawn mowing thing annoys me so much.

For the longest time we had a push mower. Things were fine with that until the pull cord started jerking back. One time I tried to start it and the damn thing pulled back so hard that it slipped out of one hand and smacked my other hand so hard, I was sure I had broken my thumb. It swelled up and I couldn't move it for a week, but it wasn't broken. After that point, I wouldn't mow using that mower unless someone else started it first. Picture me walking to my neighbors house asking him to start my mower for me. LOL

Just recently we were given a riding mower by my MIL. One of the nicer things she did before she stopped speaking to everyone. We were told that a belt was broken. No problem, I went down to Lowe's and bought a new belt. Then waited…..for my husband to put it on…..still waiting…..I finally, today decided I had enough waiting. I'm a smart girl. I can figure this out. (BTW, we have no owners manual and I've been unsuccessful finding any kind of owners manual on-line. Cub Cadet doesn't even list this model on their web site anymore. We have a parts manual, but nothing to say how to fix anything). So, I start it up and pull it out front. I put it up on a jack so I could see under it. It has a belt where there was supposedly no belt. Hmmm, interesting. So I looked even further under to see if it had blades. Yep, has blades. Great…maybe I can just go ahead and mow my darn grass. I put it down, move everything and climb back on to start it up. It starts, then dies. I start it again and an ear popping *POP* comes from the exhaust. I swear I saw something fly out too. OK, so my brain says it was simply a build up of carbon, no big deal, so out there and start it up again. But, then that other part of me, the part that remembers having my thumb nearly broke says…Nuh uh!! I'm not getting on that thing again. What if it explodes. I called my husband and he laughed at me and said "How many people have you heard of that died from an exploding lawn mower?". Yeah, well, I may very well be the first. And what if I don't die, I'm just horrible disfigured?

So, Now I have a riding mower sitting in my front yard that I'm afraid to try to start so I can move it BACK to the back yard where I should have just left it to begin with.


Next house, we hire a lawn service.