Wow, 2 post in one day…I'm on a roll.

I thought I woudl talk a bit about Kenpo… the form of karate I take. I wish I had more knowledge of all the forms of martial arts out there, but I just don't. I know that my particular school comes from the lineage of Albert Church, and we encorporate some jujitsu into what we do. I wish we could put more in. Jujitsu is probably one of the more practical martial arts, especially for women. It's ground fighting if you aren't familiar. Think about it…if you are a woman, what position are you most likely to be in if attacked? On the ground, with someone (probably a man) on top of you.

So, my class has been encorporating a lot of ground fighting into our classtime. When we spar we start standing up and one person (who ever gets the opening first) has to take the other person down and then get them to submit. It's very scary that first time you get taken down and have to fight your way up off the ground. And this is a classroom experience, imagine if it was real life. That's why I want to know what I'm doing without even thinking about it.

Our belt system goes a bit different than other schools I've seen. We do half belts. It's greta for the kids, keeps them motivated to get that next belt. Our ranking is as follows








High Purple (Purple and Red)

Red – My current rank

High Red or Red/Brown


High Brown or Brown/Black

Jr Black for anyone under 16 – my 11 yr old recieved his at 10 (he'll be eligible to test for full black in 3 years)