So, I love in a neighborhood with a POA (that's Property Owner's Association, for those not bound by contract to keep their houses a certain color and their lawns perfectly mowed). I'm not so much a fan of POAs but, our Realtor sucked ass when we were buying and we didn't know about the POA until we were sitting at the closing table. Desperately wanting a house, we didn't make a fuss. Now, 8 yrs later, I wish we had run screaming from the room.

So, part of the POA dues go to the neighborhood pool. The care and keeping, general upkeep and maintenance. All that jazz. I diligently pay my dues every March. We are supposed to get monthly newsletter telling about all the happenings in the neighborhood. Instead we get semi-annual Piss and Moan letters complaining about how much upkeep of the pool cost. Apparently this year they had to install $1800 worth of equipment to keep people from being sucked to the bottom of the pool. Damn those safety requirements! Maybe I'm just a bitch, but I don't want to hear complaints about the cost of pool upkeep. That's what I PAY MY DUES FOR!! If it's that much of a pain in your ass to use our money to keep up the pool, close the pool and disban the POA.

I wanted to live in a neighborhood, with neighbors. I wanted a warm friendly neighborly environment. Instead I got a place where no one knows anyone, or cares to, and the POA complains all the time about everything. Ugh.

We are planning to move in a year or so. We've outgrown this 1300 S/F 3BR house. We need more space for our growing family. I'm ready to look for 10 acres of land with a house in the middle, no neighbors for miles. Since I've rediscovered my love for swimming, I've told my husband that when we buy or build our new house a pool is a requirement. Not a neighborhood pool, but my very own pool. Deep enough for diving, long enough for lap swimming, and of course safe enough for my little water babies.

My kids have taken to the water like, well, like fish to water. It took years of swim lessons to get here but now they love the water and can swim and swim for hours. I am wanting to put my 9yr old and 6yr old on the Y swim team. They need a bit more work on thier strokes for that, but they are getting there. Perhaps by the end of summer they will be ready.

All of this to say that our pool finally opened on Saturday and we have been there the past 2 days. Hoping to get back today even. Here's to summer!