So, a while back I was flipping through MySpace and came across 2 old high school boyfriends. I messaged both of them through the MySpace email feature. They both wrote back. One is getting married in Sept. We talk about martial arts and UFC. We're both fans. His fiance is beautiful.

The other is married and his wife just gave birth to thier 2nd daughter. Beautiful girls. He had a birthday this week, so, as I would with any friend I wished him a happy birthday. He sent me back a message asking for my email address. I gave it to him. No big deal, right. Wrong. In his email he said that he wanted to talk this way  so as not to cause problems with "certain parties". Urgh! So, not looking for that. I'm a firm believer in doing anything that you have to keep from your spouse, shoudln't be done. I emailed him back saying that I wasn't looking to cause any trouble. He emailed back saying it woudl just prevent "potential stress" if we talked using email. He then told me about a dream he had with me in in that "was pretty hot and we throughally enjoyed ourselves". Eeek! Back off buddy. Dreams are fine. I have them all the time, mostly about my karate Sensei. Difference here is. I don't go running to tell him about them. I am also open with my husband. I have told him about the dreams while laughing about it. He knows I find my Sensei attractive. He also trust me enough that I don't have to hide things like that because I'm not looking to run off with anyone else. Some might say we have an odd relationship, but it works for us.

Anyway, I emailed this guy back telling him that I wasn't looking for, or looking to start trouble and that if talking to me caused "potential stress" then maybe he shouldn't. I didn't feel comfortable with him keeping his talking to me a secret from his wife, etc. I mostly talk about my husband and my kids so I really don't see the need for secrecy, anyway.

Urgh! Tangled web.