Today is teh last day of school. It's not even a full day, just a half day.

One half day left of my time. I will probably spend it cleaning or running around doing stuff for the kids, lol.

The rest of my week is pretty busy. I have plans to take everyone for haircuts on Thursday, then we have an orthodontist appt that afternoon.

Friday my oldest is having his 5th grade pool party with the school, but not associated with or sponsored by the school. They will be swimming from 6-9m. Then I pick up my son and two of his friends and bring them back here for a sleepover. Good part is after all that sun an swimming, they will be ready to crash.

Saturday is our first T-Ball practice at 9am. I found out about the T-Ball after we made the party plans. All the moms are gonna meet us at the ballpark Saturday morning.

At 3pm on Saturday is our community party and pool opening. I'll need to make an appearance to pick up our pool key.

Later that afternoon, I have to go next door and let my neighbor's dogs out cause they are going to Maryland for the day to check out a stud.

Saturday also marks the 2 Week point till Tour de Cure. I need a pause button