The ADD boom of the 90's has really done damage to the diagnosis. Back then, people didn't truly understand the illness. So many kids were misdiagnosed and medicated unnecessarily. There are still people out there that don't believe it's an actual illness. It's frustrating to go up against these people.

I admit that I used to be one of those people. I thought that ADHD was just for the "lazy" parent that didn't want to put forth the effort to discipline their kids. My first child was a boy. I rumbustious boy. I was so afraid that when he started school they would try to slap the ADHD label on him. He wasn't ADHD and it was never even brought up for him.

Then I had my daughter. I can look back on her from birth and see that she wasn't like a regular child. I now believe that ADHD is something you are born with. I don't think it's a product of diet or parenting. While that all helps to deal with the illness, it's not the cause or the cure. Parents aren't to blame for causing ADHD, but they can be blamed for not managing it.

All that being said. I went to a dinner party last night. The topic of schools came up. I voiced my frustrations with the school not wanting to work with my daughter and her disability. Of course they all wanted to know what her disability was. When I said ADHD, you could see in their faces, they suddenly all looked at me like that mother. The one who made excuses for their child's behavior instead of dealing with it. They tried to tell me that ADHD didn't exist and that I should feed her so much sugar. But, my kids get a lot less sugar than many other kids. Between the ADHD and the diabetes that runs through the family, I've modified our family diet quite extensivly. We're now looking at increasing our protein intake to try to counter act the ADHD. Anything I read about that might help….I try. We have eggs for breakfast, not cereal. They don't drink Kool-Aid, or soft drinks, or have caffeine. These women just assumed that if I had an ADHD child, she must be pumped full of sugar. If it was a dietary issue, wouldn't all three of my kids have ADHD?

It gets annoying because I can't imagine telling a parent that their child doesn't really need glasses, they just need to try harder. Or their child doesn't need a hearing aid, they just need to concentrate more. Or the kid isn't really dyslexic they just need to cut sugar from their diet. But, it seems perfectly acceptable, encouraged even, to pick apart the parenting of a child diagnosed with ADHD.