Yesterday was a busy day (so is today, actually)

My oldest graduated from Elementary school and into 6th grade. To make it special for the kids, they organized thier year end party and awards celebration at a local park. They hired a BBQ place to cater and all each class was responsible for something. My son's class was supposed to bring drinks. We had so many drinks that half of them weren't even used. Our parents ROCK!

My son is the kid who gets all the awards. Best Grades, Best Behavior, Good Citizen, Best Effort, etc. He's just an all around GOOD kid. He makes me very proud. At last year's awards day, he saw 5th graders getting the Presidential Education Award for Exellence. He told me then "I'm getting that next year". I'm proud to say, he did. He got eth Gold Seal, which means not only did he put forth extra effort, he also maintained a high GPA in the process. They have a Silver award for the kids who tried thier hardest, even if they weren't the smartest. I love that they reward effort.

I'm not eth mom that cries at every event her kids are in. I didn't cry the first day of kindergarden for any of my three kids. I was happy for them and the excitement they would have. I don't cry at awards days. I'm really not much of a public crier as it is. Crying in public is like failure to me. Yes, I know I have issues.

I was fine, all the presentation. Right up until the end when the chorus sang You'll be in my heart.  That's when the wind blew dust or something in my eye. That had to be it. That's the only explantion for the welling of tears. I had to put my sunglasses on (Thank goodnes this thing was outdoors).

Very strange. I haven't had something blow in my eye like that since my daughter 1st grade presentation when she was presented with most improved reading. She entered 1st grade reading below kindergarden level. Her K teacher had said she refused to learn. She left 1st grade reading at a 3rd grade level. There was dust in the room that day.