This past weekend sucked the life right out of me. I'm dealing with so many emotions right now. I'm sad that my BIL/SIL are on thier way back to Texas, instead of moving here. I'm sad that after thinking we had finally moved past our differences, my MIL is still being a raging bitch to me behind my back. I'm sad that I had to make the decision to finally cut her out of my life. I wouldn't put up with the bad behavior if it was anyone other than my MIL, so her being my husband's mother shouldn't give her a free pass.

On top of that, we are on the last week of school (well, sorta, they get out next Weds). I had to make the teacher gifts for the kindergarden class. THat party is tommorrow. So is the awards celebration for my 5th grader. THey are holding it at the park. That means, tommorrow morning I'll be running to the park, then running back to school, then running to the park again.

On Friday, it's "Ocean Day" with the kindergardener.

I'm at 3 weeks until my 150-mile bike ride. I'm not ready.

I'm tired. I may step away from blogging for a bit.

Or I could sit here and give you every mundane detail of my life.

I havent quite decided yet.