Holy Hell!

This weekend has been…..I really have no words

My Brother in Law and his family arrived at my Mother's in law house on Weds night. I, or should I say the house cause it wasn't really me that my mother in law was calling for, got the call Thursday that they were there. At that point, I extended an invitation to my youngets son's Kindergarden class play. Much hemming and hawing ensued and she left it at "We'll try". Which I knew was a no way we will be there in hiding (turns out my brother in law was never even told I had invited them, that's another bitch though).

Friday night my husband got home. We went to the house to visit with everyone. You could see the tension in teh air. We all decide to spend the day together on Saturday.

Saturday, my husband and the kids rode with my brother in law. I rode with my sister in law and we went out for the day. Turns out that from the very moment they arrived it had been nothing but petty comments being thrown from my mother in law. She asked if there was anything they couldn't eat, and my sister in law told her that they, as a family, dont eat pork, and that my brother in law is allergic to eggs. Mother in law proceeded to make a meatloaf with …sausage, and about a dozen eggs. So, brother in law and family went out to eat instead of eating what she made. That pissed her off and set in motion the chain of events to follow

Instead of moving out, so that the inlaws could move in, she moved her boyrfriend and his mean-ass dog, in.

She told them she was trying to help then out since they were in such a hard spot (they weren't, they came up to help HER out because she was moving and didn't want the house and 20-some acres to be empty)

She told them she wasn't going to just give the land to them.

When asked for a price she replied "Nothing you could afford"

My brother in law and his family are now on thier way back to Texas. They are done.

Frankly, after being told by my sister in law "I don't know how you can stand to live so close to her. She really isn;t all that nice. t amazes me the things she says about you. Almost likes she takes joy in cuttingyou down. It makes me wonder what she says about me"

Well, I'm done too.

I've been nothing but kind, and she continues to bite. This woudln't be the first time I've heard such statements, adn I have no reason to think my sister in law would lie about it.

I hate the drama and the tension, so I'm simply removing myself from it.