Ok, that is over and done with. My life is pretty damn good for the most part. Yes, it sucks eggs sometimes that I don't have my partner in life here with me, but I manage and I get by and when he is here it makes it all that much better.

We had a great day yesterday despite the heat and lines and crowds and one major meltdown. Having only ONE meltdown is a huge mile stone.

We went to the Animal Planet Tour. Like I said, heat, crowds, lines, ect. THe bigges thing there was the Endurance Experience for the kids. We were directed to teh back of a HUGE line to sign consent forms and get our bracellets that let us into the thing. Then from there we went into ANOTHER line to wait to get into it. Lines. That was the theme for yesterday. The first challenge the kids did was making thier floating swimmer guy go across the "pool". My oldest won that one.

Next we went to "Hangin Around". Groups of 8 went up and grabbed gymnast bars and hung on them to see who could hang the longest. My kids were in one group. The bars went up and my oldest promptly fell off first. Couple other kids fell, then my youngest. Four left, including my 9 yr old daughter. She was up against 3 bigger and older boys. She started having fun with it. Hanging by one arm at a time (her upper body strength amazes me). One by one the boys started dropping. She was really haveing fun with this whole event. She was in her element. She won this one by a landslide. They gave her a shirt that says Endurance Experience 2006 on the front and "Do you have what it takes" on back. 

After that we spent 45 mins in line to climb the rock wall. That's where the meltdown happen. When we finally got up to our turn, my daughter got almost to the top. Practically AT the top, but not good enough for her. She was upset and started crying because she didn't make it all the way up. Another thing she gets from me is not taking disappointment well. By that time, she was ready to just go (and yeah, so was I). The event was winding down anyway and they had started capping off the other lines, so we went ahead and left. On the way home, we stopped for ice cream to celebrate our victorious day.