So, this weekend was a bit of a blur.

Friday afternoon I went to a Munchies with Mom thing with my kindergardener. By the time itw as over, it was almost time to pick everyone up from school, so I just went ahead and signed everyone out early. They love when I do that. We got home and packed up for an out of town weekend.

We had to rent a van because my mother-in-law wanted to tag along. She often invites herself along. I'm almost used to it. My Explorer just wasnt big enough for the 6 of us, so Enterprise it was. Of course when she got to the house and saw that we had rented, she went on and on about how she could have just followed. Ya think? Oh well.

So, we drove to the town she is moving to and met her new boyfriend for dinner. He was nice enough, I guess. He kept trying to interject into things that really had nothing to do with him. I found that annoying. But otherwise, he was ok. You have to give me time here. He's had months to get "used to" the idea that my MIL had this whole family, we are just finding out about him.

We ended up leaving her with him. He drove her back home and they picked up a load of her stuff. We went on to Carowinds!! I had bought season passes for all of us, plus my Brother-in-Law and his wife (my neice is under 2, so she doesn't need a pass) for when they get up here in a week. We called then on the way and let them know, and also told them we woudl look into a few things for them.

We got to Charlotte kinda late, but our hotel was right across the street from the park. Saturday morning we spent the day at Carowinds. My fair German/Irish/Scottosh skin took a beating under the sun. I put on suncreen that mroning, but didn't take any with us (I was trying to travel lite) My shoulders are crispy. YAY! Lesson learned. Next time take the sunscreen with us.

We left halfway through teh day to go get lunch, then went back and stayed until dark. The kids had a ball. We went on every kiddie ride there. My youngest is just at the line to be able to go on some ofthe "scarier" kiddie rides. He loved all ofthem, especially Runaway Reptar, the kids version ofthe inverted coaster (where you hang from teh top and your feet hang free). WHen we went on a more traditional coaster, Fairly Odd Parents, I think, he hated it. He screamed and cried the whole time evne though it wasn't nearly as fast as the inverted one. When we got off they had the pictures at the little booth. I really wish I had bought his picture. he was a bit embarrassed after he saw how bad he was freaking out. He even said when we got off that it wasn't that bad, but it scared him. Goofy kid.

 Sunday we had a choice…go back to teh park, or head into South Carolina and go shopping. I'm not much of a shopper. I rarely buy for myself, adn my husband was really encouraging me to take Mother's Day for me. Not to do what the kids would prefer (the park, or even the pool) but to make it all about me. So we went shopping.

We went to an outlet mall. I loved this place. I bought a bunch of clothes, then I found Bath and Body Works outlet. Holy cow! I only spent $25. If I had realized that the prices marked werent the real prices I woudl have spent at least twice that. One bottle of stuff I got was marked $45. I got an $8 tub of lotion for $1. My shoulders have loved the body butter I picked up. I will defintely be going back there.

Then, we headed home. It was a good 3 hour trip, not counting the hour for dinner.

When we got home my BIL called. He told my husband that he has decided to just take 20 days off from work. They are going to takr about 4 days to drive up here. With travel time that leaves just over 10 days that they will actually be here before making a desicion on staying.

I'm a bit dissapointed. I don't feel like they are really giving the place a chance. I know that change is hard. Especially when you have lived in the same place for 17 yrs. I just wish that they would give it a chance before they move back. I really hope things work out and they end up styaing. I really want to get to know them. I want to know my niece. I want my kids to know thier aunt and uncle. They are the ones we chose to raise the kids if something were to happen to us, so I just really want us to all know each other. I'm tied of knowing them through the occasional phone call , email, and every 3 year visit.

But, then I have to realize that it's not about me.