With me. I'm the "other woman", because he is so obviously married to his job. I know I'm not the only person with this problem.

We were talking last night and he was doing that whole disconnected, distracted, not really listening to you "Uh huh" thing every time I would say something. I asked him if he was busy or something and he says no. So I told him he was doing that thing where he sounded like he wasn't listening to me. He says he was just trying to play with me. I told him it wasn't funny, I had too much shit on my mind to play that way (I can be playful and sarcastic, but sometimes I just want to be listened to). So he asks what's bothering me and I told him I was upset about the thing going on with his mom, and now it turns out that his brother may not actually be moving here. They are coming up for a month to see if they like the area. If not, or if his wife misses her mom too much, they will go back to Texas. I know she doesn't want to be here. So anyway, if they leave, that pretty much leaves me with no one. I'm facingloosing my whole support system, with my husband traveling all the time. I really don't have any friends here. A few aquaintances, but I just dont relate to many people. Anyway…. He doesn't quite get the whole thing. Of course he doesn't because he's not here. This brings us to the married to the job part. Last week I told him over and over how much I needed him home for the weekend. He was scheduled to come home anyway. It was his weekend to be home. I even said to him that if his boss gave him a choice of when to come home, I neeed him home and available for Saturday morning because there were at least 3 things going on at the same time and I'm still only one person. When he called me last wek to tell me he wasn't coming home, he presented it as the boss asking him to go to Phoenix. I found out last night that not only did the boss, not ask, my husband practically begged to go. The boss was going to do the job himself and told my husband to go home and be with his family and he said No,he was fine, he could stay and help. So, knowing how much I needed him here, he choose the job. And I'm not supposed to feel slighted about it. He also made a joke about how he could just buy me something nice and I would get over it. This just really shows how on my own I am here. He will always pick the job first. I thought I was used to it and ok with it, but I'm really not.