I have issues.
It doesn’t matter how good they are, how polite, how well behaved, I don’t like Other People’s Kids.
I don’t like them in my house. Invading my space. Wanting to eat my food.
I get very uncomfortable when my kids have friends over. I feel like I can’t relax. Like I always have to be ‘on’. I don’t like being on. I want to be able to throw my feet up on the desk while I browse blogs and message boards. I don’t want someone else kid coming up and reading over my shoudler, or asking me why I’m always sitting on eth computer and how thier mommy hardly ever gets on the computer.
Also, i like to hang out in my room. Sometimes watching tv, sometimes listening to music, sometimes just soaking in my tub. my kids are finally at the age where they don’t need constant supervision and I want to enjoy it. I can’t do that when OPK are around. I feel like I have to be present.
Likewise, I’m ok wit hmy kids not going to other people’s house. I know that in your house, my kids are OPK and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on anyone