I checked my ever shrinking bank account today to see that we have recieved the first paycheck from my husband’s new job. It was so nice to send out a mortgage payment and not have it eat an entire paycheck.
Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of my nerves calming.

In other news, I have the busiest Saturday in history planned this week.

I have to get my youngest signed up for T-ball

My oldest has decided he wants to play football (blah) and sign ups for that are Saturday. Oh! But wait! the EXACT SAME TIME as football sign-ups, is also the time for our sia seminar.
I’m so glad that my husband will be home Friday night. I’m sending him to deal with the sports sign ups.

I’m also making the shift to a new computer. I know i just got this one last year for my birthday, but really…it’s a piece of crap. My neghbor who works for IMB came over and looked at it and said it was made with cheap parts and I woudl be better off rebuilding it. So I am. I’m getting a new one for me, as my Mother’s Day gift, and I’ll rebuild this one for the kids.
I’ve been busy backing up files to transfer to the new one. It’s supposed to be here by May 11th. i’m hoping it gets here sooner.