That’s where my husband is within this new company. It consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary/payroll/Human Resources/Travel co-ordinator, My husband (Field Project Manager), a Level 2 installer, and a Level 1 installer. And that’s all folks!

I’m excited, yet nervous about this all at once. He’s coming out of a worldwide telecommunications manufactuer. they had offices in NJ, CA, Ireland, and China. they did lots and lots of work in the Middle East (ok, I’m not missing that part). Huge HUGE company. Down to a company where he’s only the 6th employee.
The good part is, he is pretty much 3rd down the chain of command. And every huge company had to start somewhere. this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and move WITH the company instead of trying to fight his way up the ladder.
The downside is, being a small company, if they fail, my husband fails right along with them. He has a vast amount of experience and connections on this industry, and I think they may be putting thier eggsion his basket. They seem to be counting on him to carry thier business. My husband has an awesome reputation and as long as they can keep the business end of this company running, he can get them more work than they can manage. They have the opportunity to be real players among this field.

I know, my thoughts are all jumbled and random. I told ya I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.