I’m not divulging much by sharing that my last name is Smith. I’m right there with Mary Jones as having the most common name in America. I have much Irish and German blood running through my viens, which also happens to make me the whitest person you will meet. red hair is just the icing on the cake.
My husband’s mother is from Colorado and has a lot of Native American Ancestry in her background. My husband takes after her quite a bit so he has many of the dark features. Dark hair and eyes, and in the summer his skin turns a nice mocha. I think it’s because of this that many MANY people mistake him for Hispanic.
He travels a lot for his work. There have been times when someone will walk up to him and ask: habla inglés? He usually will give them a funny look and say “Yes”. Sometimes they will come up and say “You do speak English, don’t you?” Once, he had to go to Puerto Rico for business. he had grown his hair and beard out over the winter, but in anticipation of being in a warmer climate, he went to the barber shop to get a haircut and shave. When he mentioned Puerto Rico, the barber immediatly said “Going to see family?” Most people are nice when inquiring about his nationality, but some people are down right rude about it. Always the professional though, he never looses his cool. He usually responds with a joke to lighten the mood and ease the questioners uncomfortablness. He’s just a good guy like that.