Things seems to be happening all around me. Today is my husband’s last day of work. At his current job anyway. He left here last night around 10pm to drive to New Jersey (he prefers driving at night) so he could turn in his tools and vehicle and phone and laptop and all the other stuff. he gets on a plane home this afternoon. I have to be at the airport (an hour away) tonight at 9pm. His new job is anxious to get him started. He flys out to Santa Barbara on Sunday afternoon so he can be ready to get started Monday morning. This oast two weeks had stood still and flown by all at the same time. It’s a bit mind boggling.
I’ve been looking at new houses. We want at least 4 bedrooms. Big bedrooms. I live in my room so I want to be comfortable and have plenty of space. We want no less than 2 1/2 bathrooms but ideally, 3. One for the grown ups, one for the kids, and one for guests. We want a garage. We want a big back yard where the kids can play. We DO NOT want our neighbors right on top of us like it is here. While we are looking we decided to look at other areas. I looked into my home town. I was SHOCKED at the home prices. A house that would cost me, roughly, $150,000 here, would be $500, 000 there. Rediculous. We wont be relocating there any time soon. Houseing prices are just insane anymore, I think.

I’ll be glad when the dust settles a bit.