So a few months ago I followed a group of online friends like a lemming over to MySpace. I signed up stuck a profile up and then just forgot about it. I find most of the profile pages on MySpace to be gaudy…gaudy or plain, seems there’s no middle ground. Plus I’m kinda comfortable at Blogger. Yeah its got it’s nuances, but for a free blog site, it’s not so bad. So that was the extent of my MySpace life.
I checked my email the other day and there was one in there from MySpace. Someone wanted to add me to their friends list. So I went to check it out. The picture looked so much like an old friend from high school, but I wasn’t entirely sure. I went ahead and accepted her and them started poking around. It WAS her! I was so excited. We started emailing through MySpace, kinda touching base with each other. I then started going through her friends list so I could see how many other people I could come by. I ended up finding several people from my high school days.
Looking through their profiles was so weird. All these people all grown up, married, some with kids. How could they be married and have kids, they are just kids themselves. But they aren’t. Not anymore. They all grew up just like I did. I have this picture in my head of how they should be, and it’s not matching up to who they are now.
One one of the people I came across turns out to be my first, serious boyfriend. I know some people would caution against getting in touch with someone that I once had such strong feelings for, but it’s so in the past that I didn’t see any harm in it. We’ve ha really nice emails back and forth kinda catching up. We are both happy with our lives. I still have trouble seeing him preparing to get married. To me he will always be the kid kicking around Franklin Street.