Ok, I may have cheated just a little this week. I’m training for this damn bike ride and just don’t have the time for the last min things. So, I dug out some old(er) pictures where I had played around with perspectives and stuff.

The first one, Up close and personal. The first picture I ever took with my Canon 350D. I got all up in there. No zoom here.

Next up is no flash. this one was a little harder to find. I had to dig out some of my outdoor shots.

OK, Ok, I know…I’m grasping here. But for the next catergory, changing perspective, i can really pull out a lot of stuff. This is ne of my favorite things to do, photo wise, take a ‘normal’ picture and turn it on it’s head. I’ve always got the camera at some odd angle. For this one though, I thought I woudl pull up an examle of a photo technique called Bokeh. It is when the blurry parts are just as interesting as the in focus parts.

OK, Now run over to Random and Odd and see who else played. i promise to do better next time.