I hate my neighborhood. I hate living 30 ft from the house next door. I hate that this whole neighborhood is turning into rentals. I have nothing against renters, I used to be one. But, anyone who has ever had a rental home can tell you the horror stories about tenants that thought nothing of pulling out all the plumbing.
The house right next door to me (my view as I sit here typing) is the portal to hell. Otherwise normal people move into that house and become Neighbors From Hell. The stories I could tell could be turned into a whole new blog. I love when the lease is up and the tenants move. Everything is just so nice and peaceful. My husband hates it because he thinks it’s hard to sell a house with an empty house next door, and we are wanting to sell and move next summer. I understand his thinking, but honestly, he’s not here.
So, we got new neighbors recently. At first they seemed really nice and I thought maybe the portal had closed and we could have a nice peaceful co-existence. And for the most part they are ok. There’s no pot smoking on the front porch, no bucket of feces on the back porch, my kids haven’t been cussed out while they played on their swing set in the back yard. Things have been rather calm. With the exception of their dog.
The day they moved in their dog was running loose. I let it go that time. Just moving in and all. I figured they would eventually settle in and it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s a problem. The dog runs loose all day. They leave their back door open so the dog can come and go at will. I would have to say that 4-5 days out of the week, I go outside and this dog comes running at me. It’s s puppy, so it’s not like the dog is attacking me or anything, but it is an annoyance. I have been getting stuff out of my car and the dog run up behind and hit the back of my knees just right to knock me down. The kids have been bitten (playfully) and scratched countless times. I can’t get groceries in the house without having to chase the dog out of my house. It’s a nuisances.
We have asked that they please do something to keep the dog in their yard. I even offered them my old dog tie and they said they didn’t believe in tying up a dog. Yesterday I reached my limit. I came home and the dog was in my yard, digging holes. No one was even home at the house next door. I came in and called Animal Control. I hated to do it. I don’t like tension between neighbors, but I just can’t do this anymore. Animal Control was supposed to come out today and give them a verbal warning. After that, if I call again, they get a $50 fine. If they fight it and it goes to court, I have to testify as a witness that the dog has been out. Wonderful.

I think upping our moving timetable might need to be considered.