My very first digital camera was 6 yrs ago. I got it right after my youngest was born. I was able to justify it the day I came home from picking up the pictures of his brith and first few days. Every single picture looked like a beautiful sunset, instead of a baby.

My first was a 1.3 mega pixel Fuji point and shoot. i was very happy with that camera for a long time. Years of wear and use and kids dropping it and it was eventual to the point of being duct taped together. Eventually I got a Canon A70. I still have that one today and it works great for on the go photography. I wanted the Nikon D70 though. Wow, it that a camera or what.

I’m weird about money, though. I control it in this house, even though I don’t make any of it. It’s actually kind of amusing to have my husband call from work to ask if he can take $20 out of the ATM.

But anyway,I have no problem spending money. Kids need $400 for a DC trip with a school, sure. Need another $130 for another trip, here ya go. Oh, you need hiking boots for this trip, well let’s go to the store.

When it comes to me though….nothing. I just went through my dresser and none of my clothes fit. I actually figured that I would just rotate the 2 pairs of jeans I have that fit and be ok with that. What! Buy new clothes? That’s insane. I can’t afford that. Actually, I can, I just don’t want to spend any money on myself.

I did end up with a cool camera. Not the Nikon, but a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. We didn’t pay for it though. My husband travels for work and is a member of all the hotel clubs. We saved points for a year and got it that way.