My husband called tonight. He is still being very cautious because you really never know what this company is going to do. It’s very possible they are blowing smoke up everyone’s ass because they still have a couple jobs that are half done that need to be finished. However, what they are telling the guys is that they want to move them from a install position to more of a Field Services. It sounds like a fancy name change for the same thing, but they want to make it more part of the sales team. Basically the guys would teach the sales team about the equipment they are selling making them better able to sell it. Also they would do all the trouble shooting for all the manufacturing plants in New Jersey, China, and Ireland. It all sounds good, but like I said, they could be blowing smoke. They did just tell the guys to go buy new cell phones that had speaker phone and cameras in them. They authorized them to spend up to $150 per phone. So it does seem like if they were looking to fire them in 2 mths, they wouldn’t have told them to go get new phones. But, really, they have done crazier things so you really just never know.