So, the Friday meeting at my husband’s job has come and gone. I didn’t get a phone call asking me to meet him at the airport, so I’m assuming that he still has a job, for another week anyway. Although he did freak me out one day last week by calling me from an office phone so my caller ID came up with that instead of his cell phone. The first thing I said was “What’s wrong?”. I don’t think he realized how much that simply thing made my heart drop.

The kids have started their Spring intersession. They have the next 2-weeks off from school. Next week my oldest is going on an overnight trip. It’s a camping type place on top of a mountain. There will be lots of hiking and camping and living as a pioneer in the year 1820. Sounds like so much fun (not really, I love my modern day conveinces). He has to be at the school at 4:30 in the morning. I’m thinking of just leaving him at the school the night before and letting him get a jump start on the camping trip. Oy! I’m so not a morning person.
My daughter’s enrichment will be a cooking class at the high school. She’s very excited about that. Me too, maybe she can start doing the cooking around here.

So that’s it. The next two weeks should be a fun-filled adventure.

(I’m trying to see how many times I can get the word adventure into this blog)
(Also, how funny is it that ‘blog’ comes up as misspelled under bloggers spellcheck?)