My current vehicle is a 1998 Ford Explorer. I bought it from my neighbors who were the original owners of it. I love this truck. It’s a 5-speed, which is a rarity in today’s automatic world. In fact, when my neighbors got a new car and were selling this one, they actually went to get a new explorer. They wanted to order one with a standard transmission and were told that Ford doesn’t make them anymore. They were pretty disappointed
My husband had a Mazda pickup truck that he drove for a little bit, but with his job and having a company work van, it pretty much just sat in the driveway. We just sold it to his cousin. Then the job fiasco hit (which we still have no news about). So the question then becomes what do we do 1) if he looses his job and 2) if the new one doesn’t provide a company vehicle. Obviously, he needs a new car.
The thing about that is, My Explorer, though I LOVE IT, isn’t really practical for a family of 5. Sure we can all squeeze in there, and when it’s just the kids and me it’s fine, but practicality is telling me, I need a bigger car. I’m having trouble letting go on my truck though. One thought is to buy me something new and bigger and let him have my Explorer. With the seats all folded down and only him in it, it would be a great work truck. Since it’s older, he really wouldn’t be worried about putting miles on it or getting it scratched like he would a new car (it already has 195,000 miles on it and is still kicking)

This reminds me of the last time we bought from a dealership. It was quite the adventure.
We went in the first place looking to get a Town and Country minivan. It would have been an upgrade from the one we had. The woman ended up showing us a Durango instead. I really liked the Durango, but still wanted to look at a T&C. I drove both and was deciding which one to go with. They ran all the numbers and although the Durango was a bit more than we had planned to spend, it was do-able, so that was the one we choose. By the time we had decided it was too late to do anything that day (banks closed). We already knew that we were pre-approved for a certain amount, but the Durango was a bit over that amount so we had to go through the process again. So we went home with plans to come back the next day.

The next day we go back and for some reason the nice woman I had spoken to the day before had turned into a monster. I have no idea what her problem was, but she was downright rude. First, they broke the key to my van off in the door when they were pulling it around to look at it for trade-in. She tells me “I hope you have a spare key”. WHAT?? Nooooo, you guys broke it, you guys need to replace it. It took an hour to get the key replaced because we kept having to argue the point with her. She didn’t understand why my husband didn’t just call a cab to go home and get the spare key. By this time we were both thinking we just wanted to get out of there and go somewhere else. Finally we get the key made and tell them we have changed our minds. That is when the woman’s head started spinning and pea soup shot from her mouth. She started yelling profanities at us in the showroom. Telling us we were white trash and would never be able to buy a nice car, just look at the POS we were driving now, etc etc. Keep in mind my kids were with us. I was furious.

Two days later I was driving by our Honda dealership and saw a Suburban sitting in the lot. I stopped to look at it. The salesman came out, helped me load all three car seats into the Suburban, let me take it on a test drive, then told me to “drive it a couple days and see how you like it’. I “test drove” it for over a week before they so much as ran a credit check on me. The only thing I had done was given my license and insurance info to them and they gave me a $30,000 car to drive for a week. We ended up buying that truck and got an EXCELLENT deal on it. The day I signed the paperwork I got home to a message on my machine from the General manager of the original place apologizing for the sales woman’s behavior and asking if I would reconsider buying the Durango. I told him I had just bought a Suburban and it was too bad they didn’t get THAT commission.

**The story of why I no longer have the Suburban is left for another day