I have been wanting to write about my daughter. She was just recently diagnosed with ADHD w/o Hyperactivity. Apparently plain old ADD is passe these days and it’s ADHD either with or without the ‘H’.
I’m sure there are so many more people out there who could write so much better about dealing with this disorder (or is it a disease?), but none of them are me, and none of them are raising my daughter. I somehow feel that I am the ultimate authority on that topic.

Ever since she was born, I knew there was something about her. She has always had this spirit about her. Very no nonsense. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She free-spirited, adventurous, and has no fear. She is also messy, unorganized, scatter-brained, and has struggled to get through school since the day she entered kindergarten. It broke my heart to see her struggle so much.
I tried so many different things to avoid medication. Schedules, herbs, you name it, we tried it. Nothing was working. We finally made the disicion to have her tested. Six weeks later we got our diagnosis. When we went to the Dr, we were given the choice of drugs. I went with Stratterra. It is a non-stimulant. It takes a while to work it’s way into your system, but doesn’t have the highs and lows that some of the other drugs have.
It’s been about three mths since she started taking Stratterra and we have come to another decision making point. She is currently on 25mg. I think she may need her dosage upped. I fear that it will be a perpetual thing, always having to up the dosages. I don’t really want her dependent on drugs, but on the other hand, I don’t want to see her struggling so hard just to live a normal life.
I lived that way. After all the research we did when getting her diagnosed, I learned that there is a very good likelihood that I am also ADHD. My daughter is mirroring my life and I want to step in and help her. I was not a better person for my struggles. I carry a lot of the scars of my childhood. I want to protect her from those same scars.

Raising any kid is hard, but when you are faced with these kinds of struggles it makes you want to rip your own heart out.