My husband left last night to head to New Jersey where his home office is. There is a good chance he will be calling me the end of the week telling me to meet him at the airport. The likelihood that his dept has been dismantled is very good. He could move up with in the company, but he doesn’t really want to. He feels that they have screwed him. He spent months traveling to places no one else would. He went to Saudi Arabia twice. He spent a month in South Africa, where his escort was in a fatal car accident and he was left with no support. During the accident, his laptop bag was destroyed along with his laptop, and the cash advance the company had given him disappeared. Not only did he have no one down there on his side, he had no money either. The company left him there. They never wired him any more money, never sent anyone else to helping him out, nothing. He had to get by for the rest of the month. He loves the traveling though and loves the experiences. He also, wrongly, though that by stepping up it would show the company what a team player it was. When the truth is, they are nit-picking everything he ever did, and he could loose his job over quarters.
Yes, I said quarters. See, traveling, he is often on the road, away from home for anywhere between 2 weeks to over a mth. During that time he needs to wash his clothes. They were told they could have their clothes washed on the company credit card, which is great. Unfortunately, not all laundry services take American Express. And sometimes it’s just easier to throw a load in the machine yourself. So, my husband went to his supervisor and said “How about we charge a roll of quarters to the room and use that for our laundry. It’s cheaper than having the laundry done by a service anyway”. So it was agreed. The guys would just write “quarters for laundry” on the hotel receipt and turn it in with their expenses. Now that the supervisor has been fired for “not following company policy”, and they were wanting him to take responsibility for over $30,000 in “unexplained” expenses, they are no longer accepting the “quarters for laundry” explanation.
So, yeah, now you know. My husband bank rolled our lavish lifestyle with quarter rolls.
Even if they decide to accept his explanation for things and everything blows over, he still feels pretty burned by the company. Hell, so do I. I sacrificed 6 yrs with my husband, we even came close to filing for divorce once, so he could be loyal to the company. When he comes down to this, you can’t help but feel burned. His supervisor did a lot of unsavory things. I will never like the man, or see him as a “good guy”, but that was the supervisor, not the guys on the road doing the work that no one else was willing to do.
He is so well respected within the business that it wont be long before he has something new. In fact, he has been told he could be working as early as Monday, all he has to do is say the word. It’s for less money because it’s a contract job, but it’s something for the ‘meantime’ at least. All I need to do is say it’s ok and he would go to work for a company setting up telecommunications systems in Iraq. The money is more than I can even wrap my brain around (quarter fortune aside), but I’m not ready to let him go yet.

This not knowing is the worst. This is an uncontrollable situation and I’m a bit of a control freak.