MondayI found out that my once favorite uncle (by marriage, then divorced, and I lost track of himcauseIwas a kid for christ sake!) was shot and killed by police. They are calling it “Suicide by cop”. he was pretty messed up. I feel for my cousins.

On Tuesday we found out my husband’s direct supervisor and the head of his dept was being suspended for misappropriation of funds. It’s a long drawn out story that I have told somany times, I don’t even want to go there again, other to say that thisman let his dick bring himand the dept down.

Yesterday i found out my brother’s wife has been cheating on him. he went to deposit his check the other day and his account was $900 overdrawn. The teller advised him to open another account without the wife’s name. so he did. They have a 4 yr old. She will probably screw him over seeing his daughter

Also on Weds, we found out that the supervisor was fired. The dept will more than likely be shut down, leaving my husband without a job.

We are scrabbling to come up with something now, before the dept is shut down. Moving to another dept wont work because we live in NC and the company is in NJ and neither of us want to move. I suffer from Season Depression and NJ weather wouldn’t help. Not that this is helping.
We have a few leads and I’m hoping something pans out.